Partnership for Educational Excellence

At Grace Episcopal School, emphasis is placed not only upon intellectual and physical development, but also upon the development of personal character and integrity. This commitment promotes an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, an atmosphere vital to the school's pursuit of intellectual and spiritual growth. Students learn the value of honorable conduct and reap the benefits of living among honorable individuals.

Students at Grace Episcopal School are expected to grow in responsibility as they progress through the grades. Students are expected to respond positively and demonstrate increasing maturity from grade to grade. With the encouragement, care, advice, and support of the faculty and parents, students at Grace can grow in self-awareness, self-confidence, and independence.

We hold all students to high standards of behavior and we encourage all students to pay attention to the feelings of others. We endeavor to create a culture of care, a spirit of trust, and mutual support for all. Lying, cheating, stealing, and physical and verbal aggression will not be tolerated.

Partnership for Educational Excellence

The Students' Role is to aim high, work hard, and achieve to the best of their abilities. Grace Episcopal School students take responsibility for their own studies and character building, and also contribute positively to the experience of all others in the school. Students contribute to school spirit and the learning environment of Grace Episcopal School, and are not merely served by it. They complement the work and dedication of their parents and their teachers.

The Teachers' Role is to create a positive environment for learning, offering a high quality program of study and stimulating the students' efforts through encouragement and support for hard work. Teachers strive to use the students' unique talents to help them build character and self-esteem. They are dedicated to their students and the school both in the classroom and beyond.

The Parents' Role is to be partners in the learning and growing process, fostering in their children the attitudes and work habits which lead to academic and personal success. Parents help children develop judgment, sensitivity, and an appreciation of the diversity of beliefs and cultures in our communities and in Grace Episcopal School. They make school work a top priority and insist on diligent effort, supporting their children in times of difficulty and rejoicing in their successes.

The Parents and Teachers respect each other's integrity and authority, and always uphold each other in the presence of other people, especially students.

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