Food Policy


All students, including those in Preschool and Junior Kindergarten “Lunch Bunch”, must bring a lunch from home in their own lightweight insulated bags or boxes.  Lunches may not be shared and items should be those that the child can open on his/her own or with minimal adult assistance.  Milk may be purchased through the school by completing the Milk Order Form.  Please do not send fast food, carbonated beverages, or candy in your child’s lunch box.  In addition, due to the high sodium and sugar content, Lunchables are not recommended.  If a lunch is forgotten, the child will be given an opportunity to telephone a parent to request that the lunch box - not fast food - be brought to the school.   In the event this is not possible, the school will provide the child with a replacement.

In order to minimize trash and to set an environmentally responsible example for our students, we encourage parents to use reusable containers when packing their child's lunch.  We do have the students recycle and compost any of their lunch that is not reusable.  We also encourage students to take home items that they say they do not like so parents can see what is not eaten and discuss this with their child. 

This year, students will eat lunch in their individual classrooms or outside and not in the traditional Grace Cafe to avoid large group gatherings. 

Snack Philosophy

Grace Episcopal School tries to offer children a variety of food experiences.  Don't be afraid to offer items that may be new or unusual.  Fruits such as kiwi, fresh pineapple or pomegranate, for example, may be a new and pleasant experience for many children. Children will frequently try things along with their peers at school that they would refuse on the dinner table at home. We hear this comment from parents all the time that their children only eat a certain food item at school—positive peer pressure!

This year, the school will provide snacks in PS/JK/K.  Parents will not be asked to volunteer a snack for the group.  Students in Grades One through Five must pack a snack each day as well as their lunch.

Although snacks should not be considered a full-scale meal, we have found that children are quite hungry by snack time.  Offering a variety of items seems to work best.  For example, some favorite snacks are small bagels with cream cheese along with individual boxes of raisins, or slices of cheddar cheese with crackers and a banana.

We realize that it is impossible to avoid all fats, sugars, additives, etc. but do try to make your choices as "health-wise" as possible.  And one last suggestion: Include your child in planning their snack.  This can be a lot of fun and gives your child some experience in making good nutritional choices.  Children are more likely to eat those things they have helped to prepare! 


Nutritious snacks are  served  to  all  Preschool,  Junior  Kindergarten,  and  Kindergarten  children  mid-morning. Children in Grades 1 - 5 may bring mid-morning snacks - cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables.  Canned foods, food in thermoses, and non-breakable thermal containers or food which must be eaten with a spoon are not appropriate on the playground and, therefore, should not be provided as snacks

Parents will not be asked to send in snacks for the entire class this year; this guideline refers to birthday snacks as well. We ask parents to save these treats for at-home celebrations. 

Food Restrictions:

    • Because of food allergies, please refrain from bringing peanut, peanut butter or tree nuts as snacks. (See Food Allergies below.)

    • No fruit drinks. For the PS-K students, water or unsweetened fruit juices are served at snack time.

    • If you choose a snack that requires a plastic spoon or fork, you must  provide those utensils for your child.

Food Allergies

The first floor (PS/JK/K) and PS/JK Extended Care will be peanut and tree nut free.  Some food allergies can create life-threatening situations within minutes.  Some of the worst food allergies are related to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy products, eggs, soy, wheat, fish, and shell-fish.  Depending on the type and severity of an allergy in a classroom, a specific class may need to restrict the types of food allowed into the classroom for snacks, classroom parties and lunches.  This will be communicated at the start of the school year by the school office and the classroom teachers.

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